Play your songs at your pace.

SlowTunes is a simple music player that lets you slow down your favorite songs without changing the pitch.

SlowTunes is currently not on the App Store. It will return soon.

Sample @ Normal (100%)

Sample @ Slower (80%)

  • Your Songs

    Add your favorite songs from your music library.

  • Simple Speeds

    Play songs at three speeds: normal, slower and slowest.

  • Configurable

    Configure just how slow you want each speed.

  • AirPlay

    Stream songs to your AppleTV over AirPlay.


I made SlowTunes for my beautiful daughter who has Childhood Apraxia of Speech. She loves music, but she has a hard time keeping up with some of her favorite songs. Now she can sing along at her own pace without making the songs all chipmunky.

It turns out SlowTunes works great for anybody, whether you’re a kid with a speech delay or an adult who just wants to learn a new song.